Through out history and culture it has always been the shamans, the saints, the seers, the psychics, the prophets, and the mystics who only hear the voice God. There are people in the world who live their life with the notion that heavenly experiences are reserved for a select few that are blessed or the chosen ones. They label themselves ordinary people without realizing that there truly are no “ordinary people.” They get caught in a reality where they forget their true unique and sacred existence in which we are all blessed ones.

We look up to the sky when heaven is here. We listen for God’s booming voice from high when he’s speaking to us and through us by way of our inner voice, a voice called intuition. For some this is a challenging concept that God talks to them everyday, but Shakti Gawain put it in excellent words when she said that the inner knowing we all have in our gut is the voice of the universe. We are all capable of transcending mundane existence to reach a higher awareness, to hear heaven words. We just simply aren’t aware of it. We limit ourselves. And to free ourselves we have to free our minds that hold the limitations that prevent us from real expression of the unlimited self.

Meditation is the first step to building a conscious connection with your intuition. When we meditate we direct our intention within, centering ourselves by relaxation and visualization techniques to alter our state of consciousness. Meditation brings peace to our life when it’s chaotic allowing us to raise our vibration levels as commune with Spirit. Doing so establishes a relationship between our higher selves, we become more enlightened to life deeper meaning and more aware of our intuition. Your intuition operates beyond your logical mind, which always thinks in terms of either/or, yes/no. Your intuition recognizes the gray area. It knows that there are infinite choices and paths for you, and that there is really no such thing as a wrong choice. Your intuition is messages from your soul, which may see both instead of A or B. In this case, asking A or B is irrelevant. So instead of thinking of your intuition as something that will give you a concrete yes or no, see it as more of a playful thing that can guide you in a more elusive way. Release the need for the concrete, and give yourself permission to be more playful with it.

Our intuition is our central intermediary to our higher self and the higher realities of heaven. Living from the higher self you live in a deep awareness. I find that listening to my inner guidance can save a lot of time and effort. Being goal-oriented, I used to have a tendency to move ahead without waiting for clear guidance. Many spiritual belief systems are based on humankind self-mastery. We after all are here on this earth to evolve as spiritual beings. Life allows us to master our areas of weakness and overcome obstacles. When we are open and receptive, we are also more inclined to recognize heaven’s guidance, which we are given throughout the day.

The spirit of God is everywhere at all times bringing opportunity and inspiring. And that’s the reason for life, to improve us, grow closer to Source, the Creator, and God and experience that internal bliss. The closer we are to God, the more fulfilling we feel. We become complete. Everyday we open our hearts to the infinite love, joy, tenderness, hope, play beauty, laughter or friendship; we tend to be grounding the higher realms. And finding ourselves returning in a place in our spirit that calls us back to the source allowing us to create a conversation with heaven on earth as the conscious divine co-creators we are meant to be.

Love and Gratitude,
Reginald Lewis

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