Reginald Lewis The Soul Teacher™

“Every journey begins with you the individual soul self. Strive to know thyself in mind, body, spirit, heart and soul and you will discover endless possibilities inside and out.”


The Healer of the Soul

Mission Statement

Reginald’s mission is to inspire, educate, empower, and elevate humanity, helping souls to heal and evolve through the infinite love and wisdom of Spirit and awaken to their full divine potential. Reginald’s commitment is to the expansion of consciousness, spiritual enlightenment, and transformation, personal and planetary healing.

Reginald Lewis, The Soul Teacher, is an internationally acclaimed expert intuitive, life coach, psychic medium, channeler, mystic, visionary leader, and master healer. Known for his deep compassion, sincerity, integrity, uncanny insight, and vast wisdom, he’s been dubbed “The Truth.” Reginald imparts profound healing, love, knowledge, wisdom, and universal truths from Spirit as a multi-dimensional channel, lightworker, and spiritual teacher. He serves to enlighten seekers on a path of self-discovery, personal
development, and spiritual growth, illuminating the way forward for humanity to awaken to its true divine nature and ever-expanding connection to Source/Spirit/God/All-That-Is.

With a diverse background and skillset, Reginald has an ever-growing private practice, following and demand. He is highly sought after by the public and a wide range of clientele, from civilians, service members, government officials, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and corporations to celebrities and many other high-profile figures. Reginald has consulted and counseled thousands of individuals seeking his guidance, providing them with much-needed answers, clarity, peace, a sense of direction and purpose, and a broader perspective in life. He uses his God-given gifts and talents to inspire, educate, empower, heal, spiritually uplift, enlighten, and assist others.

A trailblazer, Reginald is transcending barriers, changing lives, and helping to define the future of spirituality for a new millennium. A fresh face in the media and magnetic presence, Reginald has regularly appeared on nationally syndicated television in front of millions of viewers on programs such as Steve Harvey’s daytime talk show “Steve” and more. He also hosted his online radio talk show, “Enlightenment for Your Soul.” Reginald’s work has been featured on Discovery Plus, Travel Channel, NBC, VH1, BET, Vibe, WE tv, Billboard, CBS, iHeartRadio, and many other popular entertainment sites, blogs, and publications.

Spiritual Guide

Spiritual Guide

My Vision

A world with less darkness and more light, less fear, and more love, less suffering, and more healing. A world of enlightenment, peace, oneness, and compassion. A humanity spirit-filled and whole.

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