This is a spontaneous channeled message I received 5 years ago as I was contemplating how to live and help others live to their highest and best potential:

“Dear child, you have been seeking and searching for answers. The answers to your questions are not of an outside source of material matter, but rather an internal source of immaterial matter. You seek to find yourself and your purpose in the big scheme of God’s creation and order. You ask, “Who am I? Why am I?” You desire to live life to its highest expression; you want to be what God put you here to be. Well. What you seek you shall find and when you find it you will realize it was never lost. All along, the answer to all your questions was closer than you expected, in fact, the answers were and are at the core of your being.

Looking in the mirror you have the first clue… you. You are the answer, but look deeper. What lies beneath the surface is much more meaningful and fulfilling. Meditate, contemplate, soul search. The highest form of expression of who you are and why you are comes from within, the soul being or higher self. Once you come to this full realization, a self-realization that is your true highest identity you can begin to fully emerge and awaken the giant within, your highest potential of what Creator meant for you to be.

Mother/Father God, Great Spirit, All-That-Is is the ultimate Creative Force and beginning as well ending of all life. Christ is the consciousness of man awakening to the Creative Force within himself. The highest ideal of self-expression is the Christ consciousness. Through the Christ consciousness, a floodgate of energy, pure divine creative energy opens up in the human vessel to manifest the highest order and will of God into physical manifestation.

Seek to know the soul, the higher self, the Christ within. This is your highest form of expression that is in alignment with all that God has willed and ordered for you to be.”

Wednesday, February 6, 2013, 12:15 AM

Many Blessing,
Reginald Lewis

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